Sable Antelope

Benghoil Private Reserves’ impeccable Sable Antelope species are meticulously bred under optimal conditions, each season producing consistently stronger genetic specimens.
The Sable Antelope's exemplary physical condition can be contributed to superior gene selection which is optimized through semi-intensive & intensive camp structures with key nutritional support & continual interaction, producing calm, unstressed herds that can be effectively monitored.

The name Hippotragus is derived from the Greek words hippo for horse and tragos for goat whilst niger is latin for black.The pitch black colour of mature males attributes to this. New born calves are born with a sandy brown coat assisting in camouflage when concealed but will darken as they grow to achieve herd status, while females become chestnut brown to brownish black when they are fully mature. Both sexes having a contrasting snow white abdomen, rump and facial markings.

Males carry longer and thicker horns showing their dominance while the females are more elegant. Benghoils fertile herds have on average an intercalving go 9.5 months with the heifers calving at around 26 months. This stunning antelope with its powerful build, vertical mane and impressively long horns that majestically arch back, leave one in awe.

About Benghoil

Benghoil Private Reserve is a notable exhibit of rare game breeding in South Africa.

The reserve, a Natural Heritage Site, is situated along the sweetveld of the Waqu Valley near Cathcart in the Eastern Cape.

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